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EnSearch uses research and evaluation techniques and statistics to answer critical questions:


Business Questions
Who are our customers?

Who are our potential customers?

What do our customers need?

How can we drive sales and retain customers?
How can we focus and improve business operations?

Grantmaker Questions
Where should we focus limited resources?

How can we improve our operations?

How can we help grantees increase their capacity?

What is the impact of our grant-making efforts?
Nonprofit Questions
  What are our funders, members, clients, parents, students … thinking?
What do they need?
What are our intended outcomes?
How can we improve our programs and services?
  Where should we focus limited resources?
  What is the impact of our work?

EnSearch Approach

  1. Together we will determine your strategic questions, the data you need to answer them, and the best research/evaluation techniques to gather the needed information.
  2. EnSearch will collect and analyze the information.
  3. Together we will determine how to use the data to improve your operations, services, and impact.

EnSearch Research/Evaluation Techniques, Strategies, and Methods

Focus-Group Interviews
Face-to-Face or Telephone Interviews
Web-based Surveys or Questionnaires
Secondary Analysis of Existing Data (Secondary Research)
Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT) Analysis
Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

EnSearch Clients

A few sample projects spanning our 25 years of service are listed below. Contact Dr. Stockdill for detailed resumes of projects at ensearch1@aol.com.


CTC WHITE PAPER TO SUPPORT FEDERAL STIMLULUS GRANT APPLICATION. Researched and helped establish the need and benefit of building a wireless broadband network in the six-county region of southern Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Aitkin, Carlton, and northern Mille Lacs Counties.

SYVANTIS TECHNOLOGIES. Beta tested and conducted market research of the newly launched SmarterWorkplceTM.

BANK FOR COOPERATIVES. Evaluated the effectiveness of internal and external communication strategies and assisted with organizational development.


US WEST FOUNDATION/NEA MINNESOTA TEACHER NETWORK PROJECT. Designed and implemented an evaluation of this $1.6 million statewide initiative developed to teach 5,000 Minnesota teachers how to utilize the Internet and other electronic information sources.

MINNESOTA FUTURES FUND (MFF). Evaluated MFF, a project that distributed more than $1.8 million in grants to nonprofits preparing for the challenges and opportunities of devolution. This project was co-sponsored by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, the Minnesota Council of Churches, and the Minnesota Council on Foundations, and supported by contributions from Minnesota foundations, corporations, and United Ways.

TECHNOLOGY AND EDUCATIONAL SERVICES. Evaluated the Teacher Online Project. Funded by Annenberg Foundation/ Corporation for Public Broadcasting Math and Science Project.

THE SAINT PAUL FOUNDATION, F. R. BIGELOW FOUNDATION AND MARDAG FOUNDATION. Conducted a 10-year longitudinal evaluation of the Highland Park High School Chinese Language and Culture Project designed to help students learn the skills needed to work in the Chinese marketplace.


UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA: CAREERS ONLINE. Evaluated the Careers Online program, one of the first online search engines for employment. Funded by a federal special education grant.

COMMUNITY ACTION OF MINNEAPOLIS. Documented outcomes and impact of the Community Action of Minneapolis Self-Sufficiency Program. Funded by federal stimulus dollars.

Results from Recent EnSearch Projects

Grant Writing Resulted in $825,000 in HUD Funding for Region Five Development Commission. "The HUD grants represent a landmark step on the part of the federal government to support sustainable communities and regions" states Cheryal Lee Hills the Executive Director of Region Five Development Commission "Our application would not have been successful without the support from many many local and State agencies and that of our State and Federal Legislators." Hills reflects that "In preparing the grant application with direction from the Consortium Advisory Board and with the amazing grant writing team of Stacey Stockdill from EnSearch, Kathy Draeger and Virajita Singh from the University of MN it was truly humbling to witness the broad based support from our region. We are thrilled and grateful to have been funded. Now, we will call on all of our partners....roll up our sleeves.....and get to some serious work"

Leveraged $600 Million Federal Dollars. A research study funded by the Joyce Foundation for Lifetrack Resources has led to more than $600 million in leveraged dollars for transitional jobs programs.

Resolved Organizational Issues Led to $20 Million for Private Education. Market research conducted for a membership organization devoted to raising funds for private education led to resolved operational issues and long-term survival of the organization. Last year this organization successfully raised more than $20 million for private school education.


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