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Founded in 1985 by Dr. Stacey Hueftle Stockdill

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Dr. Stacey Stockdill
Curriculum Vitae 2023


Research/Evaluation Services. EnSearch has been supporting the growth of a variety of businesses and industries by helping them answer questions such as these:


Who are our customers and what are they thinking?
What is the impact of our grant-making efforts?
Where should we focus limited resources?
How can we improve our operations?


Dr. Stacey Stockdill (2012) et al.

Building a Resilient Region

Our specialty is developing a unique approach for each project to best meet the client's needs. Recent clients include Fortune 500 companies, foundations, nonprofits, and educational institutions. But no research or evaluation need is too small for EnSearch.

Customized Workshops/Courses. Customized training regarding logic models, outcomes, impact, evaluation plans, research methods, and statistics is available for your organization. Both college-level course offerings and theme-specific classes can be a valuable tool for your board and staff.

Printed Resources. EnSearch has also published articles in a variety of publications, so you can be sure your needs are being met by an industry expert.


Contact Dr. Stockdill to learn more about how EnSearch can ensure your organization's success.

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